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With the increased mainstream popularity, the superhero skits definitely became more rampant in the latter half of the show's tenure, though there's still a gem or two in the early days. In this skit, Superman builds the Fortress of Solitude and readies the special Kryptonian crystals. The disembodied head of Jor-El (Will Ferrell) appears to him and dramatically explains that this phantom version of himself will give Superman all the answers he needs. Like a father on the phone, Jor-El gives the conversation over to Superman's mother, Lara (Maya Rudolph), who is trying to hide her panic over the possibility that her son is gay, what with him wearing bright tights, insisting that Lois is not his girlfriend and that he likes to hang out with a teenager named Jimmy.Really, the highlight of this bit is Ferrell hitting all the right notes of a relative trying to carry an empty conversation purely out of politeness.The kind of acting concerning which there is a difference of opinion is that which is done by two or more people in front of a group of others, using actions and dialogue, in order to teach that group something about Islamic worship or morals, or to help them understand reality and the corruption that exists, or to teach them about the glories of the past, or for purposes of entertainment – in which they may present themselves in a way that differs from the way they really are.This kind of acting must be subject to certain guidelines, as follows: 1- Avoiding acting the parts of Prophets, the Sahaabah, shayaateen (devils), kaafirs and animals.After a verbal jab from Senator Mc Cain (Darrell Hammond) breaks the camel's back, Obama goes into a fit.

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I would be much obliged for your early reply as we have a halaqa for young people and may Allah save us from going against the book and the Sunnah. This is one of the issues concerning which the scholars differed; some of them forbid it altogether and some of them permit it, but within the guidelines of sharee’ah.

He's labeled "the Rock Obama," a pun that hits stronger since this was during the days when Johnson was trying his hardest to distance himself from his wrestling career.