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30-Nov-2017 13:07

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Pros: Ovens get really dirty, and if you’re like me, I let it get to the point where I’m setting the fire alarm off every time I use it due to the food residue on the bottom burning and smoking.

Who really wants to get down on their hands and knees and scrub like mad or use toxic chemicals to clean their oven?

They’re about , dishwasher safe, and will catch all spills that would otherwise go on the bottom of your oven.

Whether you have a pyrolytic Self-Cleaning oven, a Steam Cleaning oven or a model that has both, they’re designed to make your life easier by eliminating one of your least favorite chores.

They do a great job at cleaning the bottom of the range (I think it’s because that’s where the water sits and gets hot) but are not so good at cleaning the sides and back of the range.Pros & Cons of pyrolytic Self-cleaning Cons: As you can imagine the energy required to clean an oven at that temperature for that long is quite high.